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Texas’ Inhumane and Illegal Anti-Immigrant Actions vs. Undocumented Immigrant Amnesty

Amnesty, with a human rights and cost-effective foundation, can end decades of immigrant injustice and lead to realistic immigration policy. The open borders and immigrant invasion rhetoric is a myth permeated with hate. Open immigration borders have not existed since 1920. National and Texas’s racist immigration history against Mexican Americans and Mexicans is undeniable.


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Texas Legislature Fails to Address the Needs of Texas Students and Teachers – More Censorship and Little Action on Teacher Shortage or Bilingual Education

By Chloe Latham Sikes, Ph.D., and Paige Duggins-Clay, J.D. • IDRA Newsletter • June – July  2023


Texas lawmakers began the legislative session with expert advice in hand from several state plans to strengthen public education by expanding student learning, addressing the teacher shortage, and improving bilingual education. Instead, lawmakers spent hours in hearings and legislating on red-meat issues, including further classroom censorship. Expert recommendations from major state plans, including the Teacher Vacancy Task Force and Emergent Bilingual Strategic Plan fell by the wayside.


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Texas Policy Legacy: A Powerless Latino Underclass

Latino and Black families are being regulated to a generational and permanent underclass population status. The history of Texas’ minimalist approach to policymaking has perpetuated limited human capital investments, and unequal opportunities to achieve family bienestar1 (well- being) – real middle-class equivalency.


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Texas Latino Family Economic Blueprint

Public polices matter. Laws and policies relating to taxes, education, health care, criminal justice, banking, housing and neighborhood development, environment, civic rights, etc. are a direct result of policy-making that may have positive or negative consequences. It is expected that they be fair and equitable to all. In particular, they should be responsive to human capital investment that builds social and economic opportunities and prosperity for its citizens.


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