Our Foundation

The Latino Texas Policy Center (LTPC) is an independent nonprofit organization established to ensure policymaking equitably impacts the Latino community. LTPC’s collaboration with Latino voices and a cross-section of organizations, public officials, and researchers are the foundation for establishing policy priorities.


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Need Statement

  • Texas Latinos lag significantly behind Latinos in other states socioeconomically and politically.
  • There is a lack of institutional structure supporting and fostering public policy development related to the Latino population.
  • There is a lack of collaboration between researchers and community advocates across Latino communities.
  • There is a need to strengthen coalitions amongst Latino and other communities of color with policy research that supports their social justice and equity policy needs and objectives.
  • Texas is home to some of the most racialized and inequitable policymaking – notably oppressive and perpetuating barriers to social and economic mobility for Latinos and all communities of color.


Our vision is to strengthen Latino families’ bienestar (well-being) through research, communications, and organized action. We will combine policy research and collaboration with electoral and community advocates and establish communication strategies that frame, translate, and disseminate Latino policy priorities important to our communities.




Our mission is to create a collaborative forum to conduct research, policy analysis and development, and community engagement and advocacy that promotes, informs, educates, and influences policy decisions that increase equity and the overall bienestar among Latino families throughout Texas.

Guiding Principles

  • We conduct our work from a Latino Bienestar (well-being) frame. It is culturally defined as a quality-of-life status among individuals, families, and communities affected by social, environmental, and systemic factors. It embodies social justice concerns, given the Latino experience with institutionalized racism and harmful public policies.
  • Working collaboratively with academic institutions, public bodies, corporations, community service organizations, and grassroots advocates is central to our work.
  • We believe sharing data and evidence across the state, with multiple audiences and collaborative partners, is vital to solutions, actions, and positive change.
  • We believe our policy work must translate into a language and messaging that informs the Latino community’s understanding of how public policymaking affects their bienestar.
  • We adopt history and culture’s critical role in individual and community bienestar because public policies and programs can be harmful to Latino values, beliefs, and concerns and undermine their common good and prosperity.
  • The Center will seek and appreciate funding support for its activities so long as it is consistent with our vision and mission and maintains its independence.