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Partisan Dishonesty and Medicaid Expansion

Partisan and racialized politics are behind Texas’ 15 years of obstruction to address decades of perpetually high uninsurance rates.  For Latinos, whose uninsured numbers exceed 3 million, representing 55% of the state’s uninsured, their health and financial hardships are compounded.


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DEI and Ethnic Studies: Legislative and Institutional Dismantling and Barriers

The dismantling and barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and related challenges to incorporate ethnic studies more fully in public schools are about power and privileges – they deter movements toward racial and social justice, leveling equal opportunities to prosperity, and gaining individual and political power.


See Drs Angela Valenzuela and Emilio Zamora, and Dr. Chloe Sikes

Where Is The Latino Middle Class

The Latino wage earnings disparity relative to $1 dollar for non-Latino White Workers is .67 cents. These disparities not only pose challenges to economic well-being but also significantly undermine the increase of Latino political power and policy influence.


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