Take Action

Voters will select Republican and Democrat presidential nominees, all seats in the Texas House of Representatives, one-half of the Texas Senate, 3 state board of education races, and multiple county races.  Also, all the Texas Congressional delegations in the U.S. House of Representatives and one U.S. Senate seat.


Why Should I Take Action?

Public policies matter because they can help strengthen or weaken families. ‘Together Change Is Possible.’ We urge involvement, sharing, and supporting actions and events on Latino concerns and bienestar (well-being) improvements. Further, to join with allies on common concerns that affect us all.

Advocacy Organization Links

Civil Rights, Litigation, Community Organizing, Electoral Power Building, and Advocacy



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Community Development, Affordable Housing, and Advocacy


Economic Mobility, Business, and Labor


Public Policy Research and Advocacy


Criminal Justice: Research, Organizing, and Advocacy


Insurance Industry Watchdog


Conservative Policy Research and Advocacy


Progressive Policy Research and Advocacy


Policy Research on Electoral Behavior